Qualification Check streamlines admissions at Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge is internationally respected graduate management education in business, finance, and entrepreneurship, attracting students from all over the world.  Ninety per cent of the post graduate students for the full-time MBA programme are from overseas.

Historically, the admissions teams at Cambridge Judge received applications and supporting documentation by email, registered post and courier, a system that required significant administration.  Depending on how they arrived, documents were scanned and stored, before originals awaited collection by their owners.  Some documentation also required translation before it could be progressed, creating an inconsistent and sometimes complex admissions process.

The admissions team had recognised that a more standardised approach was needed to improve efficiency and deliver a better experience for applicants, a requirement made more pressing by the Covid pandemic.

The imposition of the Covid lockdowns that followed, meant that the team could no longer guarantee access to offices and physical paperwork, or that they would be there to receive registered mail or documents delivered by courier.

In response, Cambridge Judge turned to Qualification Check.

Our project team created a Cambridge-Judge branded version of the Global Verifications portal, accessible at a unique URL. The service is tailored to request only the information that Cambridge Judge require in their applications process and provides verification of credentials from universities across the globe. The system allows both Cambridge Judge and the applicant to see the results of the verification, while the cost of verification is carried by the applicant.

Global Verification by Qualification Check enables Cambridge Judge applicants to upload their details in English, together with their degree certificate and transcripts, and a signed consent form.  Credentials are verified at source, and the outcome shared with both the applicant and Cambridge Judge admissions team, who can then progress the application.

All documents are submitted and stored in electronic form, in a secure location. Applicants are able to see the progress of their verifications on-line, and Cambridge Judge is able to manage all verifications via a single management dashboard.

Emily Brierley, Head of Cambridge MBA Recruitment and Admissions said

Qualification Check has allowed us to create a faster, more sustainable, and more efficient approach to verification of our applicants’ credentials.  It delivers a better student experience and has reduced the administration overhead of Admissions, leaving the team free to deliver value elsewhere.”

Implementation of the new verifications system took less than two weeks to go live.  Initially there was a minor issue caused by one or two applicants entering their details on the public Qualification Check portal rather than Cambridge Judge’ system, but the transactions were easily transferred to the correct account.  Better signposting for applicants resolved the issue.

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