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Streamlining postgrad admissions at Cambridge Judge Business School

“Qualification Check has allowed us to create a faster, more sustainable, and more efficient approach to verification of our applicants’ credentials.  It delivers a better student experience and has reduced the administration overhead of Admissions, leaving the team free to deliver value elsewhere.”   

Emily Brierley, Head of Cambridge MBA Recruitment and Admissions

QC chooses Médecins Sans Frontières as Charity Partner

Qualification Check has selected Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as our charity of the year. As a charity, Médecins Sans Frontières concurs with our values of global mobility…

QC today announced a strategic investment relationship

“Qualification Check is a trusted leader in verification, using leading technology and innovative processes to provide verification services that are effective, efficient, and customer-focused,” said Esther T. Benjamin, CEO and Executive Director of WES. “Through our investment in this growing corporation, WES will provide even faster, more comprehensive support to those we serve. Together, we can support global mobility, reduce barriers, and empower more individuals and organizations with services they can count on.”

The Challenges of International Student Recruitment in 2024

In what will be an election year for much of the Western world, governments are tightening their immigration rules related to student visas, …