Applicant FAQs



How do I submit my qualifications to be verified?

In order to submit a verification request, you must first create an online account using the unique link provided by the application organisation. Once you have completed the two-step registration process, you will have access to your online account.

Search for the name of the institution at which you obtained your qualification(s) and follow the steps to enter the required information for submission of a verification request. Your details will then be sent to the institution at which you studied to be authenticated by the appropriate department.


I can’t find my institution

If you are unable to find your institution in the system, please refine your search by adding filters such as the country in which it is located. The search bar uses key words to locate the institute, so perhaps try entering different parts of the university name to find it e.g. for Imperial College, you may search for ‘Imperial’ or ‘London’. If you are still unable to find your institution please contact [email protected]


My verification is still pending, what do I do?

There is no need to panic, Qualification Check is here to help. We understand that applications are urgent and make every effort to expedite processes as quickly as we can. Continue to check the online platform for updates on your verifications every 48 hours to track its progress. Please note some institutions may take longer than others, but rest assured that Qualification Check is working hard to complete your verification.


Following up an existing application

Check your online platform for updates in the Event History on your verifications every 48 hours to track its progress. You may also use the live chat function for further details on the status of the verification or contact [email protected]

Have you contacted my institute?

Qualification Check’s standard procedure is to contact the primary source of the information, this is the institution at which you studied. Qualification Check will regularly contact the relevant department at the institution in order to confirm the authenticity of your qualifications. We understand that applications are urgent and we make every effort to accommodate your needs and expedite processes. Some institutions may take longer than others, but rest assured that Qualification Check is working hard to complete your verification.


Sharing Queries


Has my university/application organisation got my application?
How do I know if my university/application organisation can see my application?

If you have registered using the link provided by an Application Organisation, the initial verification submission(s) will be automatically and permanently shared with that Application Organisation. Please use the unique URL provided in order to register correctly. The required unique URL will contain the name of the organisation who has requested the verification of your academic qualifications. In the Sharing Centre of your I’m Verified Wallet, it should also state the name of the organisation with whom the credentials are automatically shared.


If you have registered an account not using the unique URL, please contact [email protected] for assistance as you will not be able to automatically share your verifications with your Application Organisation. If you cannot see the name of your Application Organisation in your Sharing Centre then it is likely that you have registered with the incorrect URL.


My Application Organisation can’t see all of my education checks?
I forgot to submit both of my degrees for my application, can I send another?
I sent two degree checks but my Application Organisation didn’t get the second one.

When you sign up, an open application is created for you. You must complete any application level questions, if there are any, and then create a single submission of one or more verifications. All verifications to be included in the application must be submitted at once. Once the first submission of verifications is completed after the application level questions, the Application will close and no further Verifications can be added.

If you have not uploaded all necessary qualifications to be checked, please contact [email protected] in order to re-open the application so further Verifications can be added.


Log in queries/issues


I can’t log in, it says username or password invalid

If the password and username are both correct please contact [email protected] for assistance. You can also reset passwords by selecting “Forgot your password?” on the login page.


I can’t reset my password

If you cannot reset the password please contact [email protected] for assistance.


I can’t register, it says username taken

Make sure that there is no existing account already fully registered in the system with the same email address. If you cannot find or remember the login details, please contact [email protected] for assistance.


Can I change my username?
Can I change my email address?

All Applicants register with an email address, which is used as the username. All verifications users submit and credit bought are linked to their account by username, i.e., email address. Individual and Applicant users cannot change their username/email address and would instead have to register again with the new email address.


Payment Queries


Why am I being asked to pay for my verification?

The institution or organisation you are applying for has enlisted the assistance of the Qualification Check service in order to complete the verification of your academic qualifications. Qualification Check specialises in academic verifications and understands that applications are urgent and we make every effort to accommodate clients’ needs and expedite processes. The payment of the verification is related to the service provided by Qualification Check.


I can’t pay in dollars or pounds sterling using my local currency account

If the account is registered in Nigeria, please be aware of the following: locally issued Nigerian payment cards are currently limited in the amount they can transact via international payments. Where possible please use a non-Naira currency card or debit/credit card enabled for international transactions. Please try a different card(s) if there are any issues with payment.


I can’t pre-purchase credit for my application?

You cannot pre-purchase credit and are restricted to purchasing verification requests at the time of checkout.




Can I get email notifications sent to a different email address?
Why don’t I get email notifications?

Notification emails are sent to you when a check is resolved. This email is by default sent to the person/email address who submits the verification.