Background Screeners & Recruiters

Global Verification – Simplifying Professional Recruitment

Increased mobility means today’s job applicants may be of any nationality or have qualifications from institutions anywhere in the world.


Global Verifications by Qualification Check

Global Verifications allows you to verify academic and professional qualifications and licences to practice via a single cloud-based portal

  • Verifications from more than 50,000 universities and institutions
  • In 195+ countries
  • Support in 20 languages
  • A management portal that allows you to track your verifications
  • Country Insights provides intelligence on countries and institutions
  • Set SLAs and your customers’ expectations accurately

The Applicant Model branded solution

For background screeners and recruiters who complete high volumes of checks, Qualification Check offers a unique branded solution.

A branded portal is created at a unique URL, which you share with your applicants.

The applicant is invited to register on the portal, and enter their details and qualifications, cutting your administrative workload and reducing entry errors.

Their qualifications are verified, and the verification report is shared with the applicant and you, the recruiter.

This Applicant Model provides the option for either you or the applicant to pay for the check.


API Integration into existing HR and recruitment systems

Global Verification – API functionality

For background screeners and recruiters with existing applications offering a range of HR services, Qualification Check offers an API to allow its inclusion within a broader application. For further details contact [email protected]