Health & Social Care

Verification of qualifications within Health and Social Care is essential to maintain standards of care and ensure the safety of vulnerable patients.

Qualification Check ensures the credentials of all employees, clinical and otherwise, can be verified regardless of where they were awarded. 


Regular Licence to Practise checks with UK Medical Licence Monitoring

UK Medical Licence Monitoring automates the rechecking of employees’ medical licences to practice, against their professional registers every month as required by UK law.

An annual subscription allows an employer to swiftly recheck their entire professional staff list with the relevant regulatory bodies, including:

• The Nursing & Midwifery Council 
• The General Medical Council
• The Health & Care Professions Council
• The General Pharmaceutical Council
• Social Work England

UK Medical Licence Monitoring provides full reporting and audit trail. 

Recruit medical staff from overseas with ease.

As medical staff migrate around the world to expand their skills and experience, Global Verification by Qualification Check allows hospitals and other employers to verify professional qualifications and licences to practice.
Verifying awards from more than 50,000 institutes and 195+ countries, Global Verification ensures that medical standards and requirements are met, to protect both institutional reputations and the safety of the general public.