Digital Identity Verification (DIDV)

Over nine million identities are stolen each year, a shocking statistic that poses a very real threat to the integrity of the international recruitment.

DIDV advanced facial recognition solutions separate the legitimate applicant from the opportunistic fraudster, allowing you to recruit the best possible student cohort by only onboarding students who are who they say they are.

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Digital ID Verification (DIDV)

DIDV is an advanced facial recognition solution that separates genuine applicants from opportunistic fraudsters, giving you the power to recruit applicants who are who they say they are, protecting your brand and valuable resources.

  • All genuine applicants are thoroughly screened
  • A streamlined and digitally secure application process
  • Technology with a deterrent effect to reduce fraudulent applications
  • The detection and removal of suspicious candidates

Digital ID Verification helps you achieve this by conducting identify verification checks via a 3-step process:

  • Capturing applicant data and a copy of their passport
  • A hi-res headshot photo and video via their mobile phone
  • A likeness and liveness check to compare with their passport photo, using advanced facial biometric technology
From start to finish, Qualification Check will liaise directly with the applicant, saving your department time and money, and allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.

About Qualification Check

Qualification Check is a well-established leader in the verification of academic and professional qualifications and licences. Headquartered in London with active worldwide coverage of 50,000 universities and institutions in 195 countries, we are trusted by thousands of organisations for quick, accurate checks.

Offering fast primary source verification via a cloud-based portal, 80% are automated checks linking to student record systems, delivering responses within a short turnaround time.

For those institutions with more complex verification processes, Qualification Check has an operations team across four continents and supports 20 languages to deliver accurate results.